Amar Yousif    CISO, UT H&S

Amar Yousif



Mr. Yousif led all aspects of IT during his 20-year career with various employers. He has also contributed, as a key player, to initiatives that spanned IT into clinical, academic, research, compliance, legal, business, safety, and media communication.

Amar’s background includes serving as a transformational IT leader with a focus on addressing difficult challenges and fixing systemic problems. He has been able to grow critical IT units in size and in capabilities in ways that have created a competitive advantage for the enterprise twice before in his career. Once as an IT Manager in a multibillion-dollar oil and gas corporation, TETRA Technologies, and another time as a CISO at UTHealth.

More importantly, he has learned over the years how to navigate the diverse Texas Medical Center (TMC) culture and the complex business of the US healthcare system to successfully advance the mission of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). He has been the tip of the spear in responding to HIPAA breaches and he has worked with the OCR, his employer, the media, and others to help investigate and resolve these breaches in a satisfactory and ethical manner that puts the wellbeing of patients at the center of the decision-making process.