Exclusive Action Report and Briefing.

The US Army Cyber Institute conducted Jack Voltaic 2.0 (JV2), a multi-sector, public-private cyber exercise in the Greater Houston region during Summer 2018. The purpose of this exercise was to assess the Houston area’s ability to respond to a multi-sector, physical and cyber-attack in conjunction with natural hazards and man-made threats, improve the city’s incident response capabilities, strengthen the Greater Houston community’s ability to be more resilient in the face of natural hazards and man-made threats, and identify gaps that were not being addressed by other exercises. 

This expert panel will present its findings and discuss next steps, action items and opportunities for collaboration.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get answers to these key questions and more:

As a business owner, how will this report help me to prepare for natural hazards and man-made threats?

Why is my business insurance not enough to provide me with protection?

How will I be able to use the report to improve my business resiliency?