Cybersecurity Preparedness Assessment

for companies of all sizes

Security incidents are unavoidable. Preparations must be in place to quickly identify and respond to an incident. Whether it is a lost laptop or a malicious insider, organizations must be ready to respond. Having a plan available ahead of time is paramount ot successfully managing th situation. Although it does take time, there are things that business leaders can do to be prepared, regardless of the size of your company.

protecting any business should follow a logical deliberate method beginning with an honest assessment of the organization’s current security posture. The assessment should include an inventory of all critical systems, services and processes, as well as business priorities. This assessment will result in the entity’s current level of preparedness.

The Greater Houston Cyber security Task Force has created the following Preparedness Assessment to assist organizations of all sizes. By Completing the survey, you will be able to assess your current “Preparedness Score” that will help you determine if what actions if any your organization needs to take to allow you to sleep at night


Cybersecurity for the Board of Directors Brief

What YOU Need to Know to Protect Yourself and Your Company

This guidance brief equips business leaders and Board of Directors of companies of all sizes with the steps and tools for cybersecurity awareness and adequate oversight of a cybersecurity program.

Key Questions Answered in Brief:

What information does my company have that is valuable?

How to Ask the hard questions?

Why should cybersecurity be important to me as a Board Member?

What should the Board look for in presentations from staff about the organizations’s cybersecurity program?

How can the Board appropriately oversee organizational cybersecurity risk management?

Why does Cybersecurity awareness matter?

What actions should the Board take?

What about the cyber insurance?

How can the Cybersecurity Task force help Board Members?